Yellowstone Rafting


Yellowstone Rafting
Yellowstone Rafting
Yellowstone Rafting

The Basics

Location: 111 2nd St. in Gardiner, Montana at the North Entrance to Yellowstone.

What to Wear:

Quick-dry casual clothes and/or swimsuits.

Soft-soled, tie-on shoes or river sandals you don't mind getting wet (No flip flops).

Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses if desired.

What We Provide:

Coast Guard approved Type V life jackets.

Neoprene booties that will keep your feet toasty—especially useful if you don't have the right kind of shoes or sandals.

High-quality "Farmer John" wetsuits with sizes to fit any member of your family. (Especially useful in May and June before the river has warmed up for the summer.) A swimsuit and/or shorts can be worn under the wetsuit.

Fleeces and rain gear.

Lunch and beverages for full day trips.

Fun-loving guides.

Transportation to and from the river.

What Else to Bring:

A change of dry clothes to be left in your car or our office.

A towel, if desired. Most find they don't need them, but you may leave a towel in our office if you want.

Medications, if needed. Your guide carries a small drybag on the boat that can be used to carry important medicines.

A sweater and sunscreen can be god to have on full-day trips.

Your sense of adventure.

What Not to Bring:

Keys: We'll keep them secure and dry behind the front desk.

Valuables: We recommend locking valuables in your car or hotel.

Camera: Anything that can't get wet doesn't belong on our boats.

Phone: Let it go... You won't miss it while you're with us.

Yellowstone Rafting

Yellowstone Lodging

Recommended places to stay for your trip

People ask us all the time the best places to stay for their trip to Gardiner and the North Gate of Yellowstone National Park.

Whether you're looking for a private rental home, a motel, a hotel, an inn or a lodge focusing on outdoors-fueled Montana getaways, we'll help you find the perfect place to stay.

Click below and we'll give you the tour of some great properties, most of which offer Yellowstone River access. (You did ask us river rats, after all.)

Yellowstone Rafting


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